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Many students at "Scuola Media" or in the first years of "Scuola Superiore" have the opportunity to take the TRINITY EXAM. This is an oral test which requires the student to make a short presentation in English and then hold a conversation with the examiner. Here at iSPEAK SCHOOL, we have created a course to help students achieve the best possible mark by offering them the best possible preparation.


  • COURSE DURATION: 15 hours

  • DETAILS: one hour per week



Many students at "Scuola Superiore" have the chance to take the PET exam. This is an intermediate level exam (at level B1 of the Common European Framework) which tests READING, WRITING, LISTENING and SPEAKING. At i SPEAK SCHOOL we have the perfect preparation course which helps students to familiarise themselves with all the different aspects of the PET Exam and we give students some very helpful "tips" to help them feel confident about taking the test.


  • COURSE DURATION: 21 hours

  • DETAILS: One 90 minute lesson per week



Some students develop a talent for learning English at a young age and they make great progress when they reach the later years of "Scuola Superiore". The FIRST CERTIFICATE is an upper intermediate exam (at level B2 of the Common European Framework) which tests a variety of English language skills (READING, WRITING, LISTENING, SPEAKING and USE OF ENGLISH) Many students have difficulty with the USE OF ENGLISH section as it contains many idiomatic expressions and specific vocabulary items...taking time to prepare properly is recommended!!! Here at i SPEAK SCHOOL we have a lot of experience in preparing students for this exam. We help students to familiarise themselves with all parts of the exam and we give them some "tips" to help them achieve the best possible result!


  • COURSE DURATION: 21 hours

  • DETAILS: one 90 minute lesson per week


All of our exam preparation courses are open to everyone; teenagers, children and adults alike!


We also offer preparation for many other English certificates, including: CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL...   



  • INDIVIDUAL LESSON               33€ per hour
  • "IN-PAIRS" LESSON                 23€ per hour (per person)
  • MINI-GROUP (3-4 PEOPLE)     15€ per hour (per person)
  • 5-10 PEOPLE                        10€ per hour (per person)



Learn Italian under the Italian sun! We offer intensive Italian courses and a variety of excursions all year round. For more information just send us an e-mail.